Wednesday, March 6, 2013

polishing Close to final (Class06 Week 09)

hey there,

So this loooooong journey is closeeeeee to completion... its already end of week 9 so that means theres just 3 weeks left...
funny thing is I am scared and excited at the same time... I am scared cause now I have to go out into the world hunting for a job (which from the looks of things are getting harder to find :D ) and excited cause now that I look back i have learned sooooo much and have grown soooooo much (both in the capacity as an animator and also physically got fat :P ) Am more confident on my ability and thanks to Tata elxsi I know I can survive in an professional envirnoment (i had struggled quite a bit when i was in keyframes in cochin one of the main reasons i joined AM :) )

well too much reminiscing... i'll keep this short... here is the progress of all the shots... have to start rendering them (*sigh* one never had to do that few years back :'( oh industry how u have grown )

next week will by 1st pass of my reel... lets see how it turns out...

thats it for now

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