Tuesday, February 26, 2013

polishing AnimJam among other things (Class 06 Week 08)

hey there,

this has been an intresting week... as i mentioned last week i started working on a new shot using spiderbot unfortunatly i havnt completed blocking it (not much time with me working on 6 different shtos at same time all of it on polishing stage...)

here is the upload for this week


also over the weekend thanks to a friend of mine i got a test in prana studio... it was an interesting test had lot of fun over the weekend doing it (sadly it meant i had to work on sunday but... oh well... ) finally got to use malcom... and its a good rig... and i mean really goood rig... its a really really good rig (once u get over the fear of over 500 control curves on it :D) i didnt get a chance to push the rig to its limit (since it was a test after all ) hope i can try out malcom and bonnie rig at some time in future... (more things on my animation to do list :'(   )

sadly i cant post the test up on net...so i guess it stays in my hard disk for now...

speaking of hard disks... another awesome thing happend this weekend... my good old harddisk crashed (luckily day after submitting my work to the HR ) i did lose a great deal of date but luckily none of the important stuff.. it was a good thing that i back my work up every day (or atleast quite often) onto my external drive... thought i lost my secondary drive (the 1TB one which was secondary to the 500GB one ) it ws still weird that it wouldnt boot up even thought the hard disk containg windows was connected properly so i had to reinstall windows (thats when i found out really) so now in the process of reestablishing all the customization i made to my windows... though it did give the oppurtunity to do a clean start and just install the stuff i need... but still lot of work... and lot of work left to do...

well thats it for now...

p.s being tech savy rules... thanks to singing into chrome bar i never lost any of my bookmarks... so as soon as i installed chrome and signed in again i got back my old preferences... YAAY!!!

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