Monday, February 11, 2013

weight Lift refining and misc polishing (class 06 Week06)

hey there,

late post as usual... and making use of the awesome time travelling device blogger has invented to put this post in the past...

this week has been really intresting (especially the weekend) went to aero show india 2013 on saturday with my cousin... and shouted myself till i lost my voice to cheer the awesome aerobatics skills displayed there...

one thing i noted... there was an awesome composition built into the show with use of smoke trails... no matter how fast the jets were moving... with clever use of smoke trails and such the audience never missed a trick... and always knew where to pay attention to... (i suppose since it costs quite alot of money to organize it, it would have been waste if audience missed the tricks)

well back to the reason i make these posts.. my progress
this week i finally got my animation out of step and  into spline... i noticed that unconciously i have changed my method of working... it has become more strightahead then i intended it to be (i blame it on auto tangent... but then those are only excuses) so will make sure that my next shot (most likely after the course ends) will be more ok the old pose to pose method that i had come to know and love...

well thats it for now


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