Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MY Class Mates

Hey there!

As Promised this is the picture of all my Class mates! All are looking happy because of the valuable document held in their hand.

no! its not their Progress report! its not their certificate. Its their Internship Form. Its a reminder, that its coming to an END of the road. No more student.

Standing (L to R): Vinodh, Sumit, Abhinav. Takashi, Sabhya and Arkajyothi
Sitting (L to R): lakshmi, Feroz and Harish

The END is COMING!!! thats the thought that's running in my mind these days. I donno if thats a good thing or a BAD thing. After 17 years of student life I am now thrown into the cruel cold world. I am thinking Is that A good thing or A bad thing??? especially with the current situation. oh well! lets see what happens... for now I am happy!

tomorrow Is a sad sad day! my good friend Takashi will be leaving for Japan. will post some of the pic's day after tomorrow

Thats it for now

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dapOOn said...

hey buddy ur post just painfully made me realise that u guys are all leaving... :( how time flies...

u guys were probably THE most funfilled batch i have ever come across, filled with unique characters! i'll really miss u guys, cracking jokes with u all, and most importantly, LEARNING from u all (although most of the times, it wud be learning NEVER to make the mistakes u all made in ur work!! lolz jus kiddin!)

seriously takshaa wud now seem like an alien place to me for the next 3 months!! thanks for ur gift of friendship! and esp thanks for making EACH sem easier for me by deducting ONE useless subject from the curriculum! lol, u know what i mean!!! ;D

as far as takaashi is concerned, i never imagined this guy ALL the way from japan wud turn out to be such a close friend of ours! i'm astounded by his ability to work so hard, and be good at that too!! i shall really miss this dude! my msg to him wud be: kore ijyo chikayorana!! (the first and last japanese he ever taught me!) LOLZ :D

i just wish him and all u guys ALL THE VERY BEST IN LIFE!!! ROCK ON!! :D