Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Polishing class (Class06 Week 03)

hey there,

well not much to mention this week except maybe some major changes in my icecream shot (well somewhat major :D ) reworked the blur frames and stuff... apart from that i had a FUN weekend... A peer buddy of mine decided to move to good old Bendakaluru (or better known an banglore/bengalore ) so there was a nice meet up... spent time talking abt everything and nothing (most of it animation related...) made me realize something... I love hanging around other animators... I am most alive during those times... well hopefully that would mean if and when i get a job i would be in Valhalla (well wanted to say nirvana but i think valhalla feels more close to what I am feeling)

hers the work...
theres a video reference for my next shot that I am too lazy to upload maybe will upload it next week with my pencil tests...

thats it for now

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