Tuesday, September 15, 2009


hey there,
AFTER a looooooong thought process! lot of thinking was involved in there!!! (boy did it hurt my little head) it came to me!
My 11 second club idea SUCKS!!! BIG TIME!!! it is one cliche after another! I donno from where I heard this but I heard this form some one really important 'An idea which you consider the BEST in the world will probably be crappy in next couple of day' meaning if after a couple of days, u still think the idea is good is the good idea... I experienced it all through most of my takshaa days (never realised though)

Any way!!! I decided to finish my unfinished works!! i look into my files... and when the dust settled! i finished coughing with all the accumulated dirt!! In my WIP section of my Hard disk, I was shocked to find another 11 second club dialogue! when I opened the file I found the half blocked dialogue... took a while to remember what I planned to do! It all came back to me (with a bit new ideas also) so I decided to do that dialogue...

here's the Rough blocking of the dialogue!

will put up the finished blocking soon (hopefully within the end of this week)

well that's it for now


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