Thursday, November 19, 2009

hey there,

Yesss two posts in the same week!!! YAY!!! well the work I last posted was a month old but. Boy am I happy to be back on track...

OK no more bullshit... I have AFTER a looooooooong time finished opening my dialogue file... The second character needs work but its too simple and will do it when my main char is done. Now onwards to the most important thing in animation EYES @.@ and eyebrows.

Well here's the PB of the dialogue.

I am still confused about the background... Pretty clear he's in a place he shouldnt be. So I was thinking of either armory of Army or some real posh restaurant... And he's waiting in the in the lobby... Will have to decide soon...

Oh and tomorrow I may be going to Ittina Studio to get my works. I maybe able to get the work I Did on the production rig. Thanks to Sujit sir (my mentor during internship) the dialogue turned out Beautiful. Learnt alot of stuff. Hey when you are in company of good people you tend to do good work (^_^)

If I am able to put that work in my demoreel it would be great... I am not very hopeful at the moment whether I'll be allowed to take out that work but I guess its worth a shot...

Anyyyway I stumbled across some stuff in spline doctor which I found really intresting
heres the Post:

Well thats it for now

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