Monday, May 7, 2012

1Person Dialogue and Pantomime revision (class 04 week 06)

hey there,

wow week 6 already... time sure flies... i think next week would be officially 1 year since i applied for AM... sooo much has changed for me in the past year... hope the changes are for the good :) (in dark mistic voice "the future is dark and uncertain for u ved" says a voice from within... )

ok maybe im going off topic... so lets get back on topic...
its Dialogue time :P that mean its time for some video reference... alot of crazy things i did in my video reference... i think some day (at end of the AM i might compile a bloopers video... but right now i dont have the guts :P )

here is my Assignment submission

option 01

option 02

option 03

the planning is bare and slighly sketchy cause of the lack of space :) will be adding more planning at end of the week :)

and here is my video refrence

well i finally got my hands on bishop 2.0 had fun with modifying it... will have a character sheet up by end of next week for sure :P

well thats it for now


edit: woooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 100th post YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!


MITHUN said...

haha...(ved = chubby+clean shave)......great.:)

Vedanth Rajan said...

maybe next time it might be chubby + haircut + clean shave O.O