Tuesday, November 20, 2012

multi char Dialogue Polish (class05 week 08)

hey there,

ok i am gonna assume that i made the previous post a week ago rather then an hour ago... but thats the fun part about internet...

ok this week has been fun... i took a couple of days off and looked back at my work and found that one of the action wasnt working for me (its the placing of the glass :) ) felt it a bit weird that someone would SMASH the glass on the table in excitement... i went back to my references and kinda found out how i got there... (lesson to learn here... keep watching ur original reference so u dont stray too far while making changes) i decided to have the glass on the table from start itself so that i still have the freedom to more really fast without worrying abt the glass and its contents spilling around (and no i dont think i will add any fluid simulation)...
so thats the major change from last version apart from that its just tightning up some of the arcs making things smoother and stuff... still got 3 more weeks of polish so hopefully i'll get things smoothed by then :)

well thats it for now

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