Sunday, February 5, 2012

AnimJam Shot 2 Blocking (class 03 week 5)

hey there,

alot of intresting stuff happened this week... My mentor Kenny had given us a really nice tip which i thought i'vd try out in this assignment (the tip was given to us in about week 2-3 but it sunk into my head just recently)

the tip is to record the sound of us doing the action (not necessarily full body but just with hands or just imagining the action ) ) and BOY is it useful!!! i didnt necessarily use the sound track in its entirety but it did give me a really awesome starting point...

 the other thing is i've upgraded to a new vimeo beta mode... the new vimeo has a nicer UI... too a while to get used to the new positions but i think its good :)

 well here is the blocking pass of my animjam assignment


 I had some nice inspiration for my 3rd shot and having conflicting ideas with new challenges hopefully i'll get fixed on one idea by end of this week :)

 well thats it for now :)

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