Monday, February 20, 2012

animJam shot 2 polishing (class 03 week 07)

hey there,

Wow week 7 things just fly dont they... well they did to me in any case :) cant belive its already end of week 7 pushing into week 8...

in our QnA we had what we call shotgun daliy... and its excatly as the name suggested... the comments on work came in like the shotgun rounds (fast and scattered) it was a fun way to give and get critique since we had only 5 minutes to give our comments (and must give a minimum of 5 comments)

apart from that the week was pretty same same... i found a easier and better way to work on spacing... it involves slightly more keys but i found it much simpler then trying to fight in graph (yes the hatred for graph hasnt diminished over time... I hated graph editor then  i still do now :D but i guess i can tolorate it now a bit more now :) )
the way I tend to solve my spacing problem is to set a key on the point where im happy wit the spacing (say in an action the hand has a weird fast out in middle of the action so i would set a key at the point where im happy wit the movement) then set the key again at the end of the action where again im satisfied wit the movement... go to the inbetween keys and blow them away to kingdom come 80% of the time that would instantly make my  spacing problems go away but some times i have to adjust either the start of the end to get it to flow more smoothly... i realise this sometimes breaks the key pose but I usually try to keep my eye on the big picture.. and as a great man once said... "if it doesnt work... GET RID of it U SILLY FOOL!!!!"

well here is the output for this weeks assignment (the polished version)

also this week we had planning for our third shot (and the final one :D )


well thats it for now

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