Sunday, April 8, 2012

pantomime Blocking (class 04 week 02)

hey there,

so its time for blocking... YAY!!! blocking is soooooooo fun...

it was a struggle for me... I think i did too much of pencil test and i felt like I cant active the same level of pused poses as i got in the 2d tests (bascially I think i pushed it soo bad that it  got off model but going off model in 3d looks just aweful... )

ok here is my Ist blocking pass (I spaced it out for 5 weeks so this just involves my story telling poses and a few  inbetweens where I am not sure how the transition should happen... )

well thats it for now oh and since I have the power of internet gonna put a sunday evening's stamp :P instead of the day i posted (which will remain secret forever come tomorrow *MUHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA* )


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