Monday, April 2, 2012

Pantomime Video Reference (Class 4 week 01)

Hey there,

Its time for new class and new mentor!!! WOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!

Looks like my luck is still holding... and I am getting one great mentor after another... My class 4 mentor is Nicole Herr...

Had my Ist qna on Tuesday itself... (this time my qna timing fell on tue 6 am so its the Ist qna of the week :D ) and it was FUN!!!!
I am so lucky to have a mentor who has experienced different areas of animation from a composing artist in live action films to cartoony animation to mocap animation...

Fun and exciting time... cause now we upgrade from body mechanics to ACTING!!! WOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! well as we all know I cant act... the Biggest proof of that (which i am never gonna be sharing ) is the picture thats on the bottom right corner of the site (with the title "thats ahhhhhh me")... its a snap from my one and only theater performance (the video of which i have but will never be public ) and looking at it I know I cant act... but its ALWAYS fun to try to act... (same with the 2d animation :D )...

well heres my latest attempt at acting :D i might have put on quite some pounds for the past few years but i guess i still act in a cliche manner and it took me close to 25-30 mins of footage to get what i wanted (and most of it were in bits and pieces )

and my planning i Uploaded
sketchbook 1

Sketchbook 2

character sheet

apart from this there has been a change in the syllabus for class 4 students... now instead of doing the dialogue's body in class 4 and doing the facial in class 5 starting (thus spending close to 9 weeks on a dialogue) its compressed to class 4 so the whole shot has to be completed within 5 weeks (which i feel is a better option since i really dont want to listen to the same dialogue for 2 whole months and would mean 1 extra assignment for my demoreel)

well thats it for now...


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