Monday, July 16, 2012

LOA Super secret Project (LOA week 2 and 3)

hey there,

yes I know I missed last weeks post,
it was intentionally unintentional... or is it unintentionally intentional!!!  I am not sure :D ... the reason for not making a post was there was little to post about...
the progress on the super secret project is reaaallly really slow... and theres no one but my lazy self to blame... lets see if I can list the reasons (not that it would matter much :P )

1. as I said above... I AM LAZY!!! forcing myself to get onto maya for couple of hours of the day is hard... too many distractions... need to wake up early sit in front of the comp and resist the temptation to load up the games (some of which I uninstalled but still I need couple to wind down after the midnight riding back home)

2. even when I do sit in front of maya... I am too much into experimentation mode... the stage 1 which was supposed to be maybe 200-250 frames long turned out 400+ frames and that too after cutting myself down... I might go in at later stage and build upon some of the idea I felt needed more time/frames but for now its 480 frames long...

3. did i mention I was lazy??? did I mention the long drive back home at midnight??? oh I did but i think it needs to be emphasized ...

ok the reasons arent much I guess but its eneough that I am falling back on my own shedule!!! I needed to be close to finishing stage 2 but as I am posting this I am setting up the shot for stage 2 ... will be searching for some video reference in the night (got to youtube... even though i resemble the character i still cant spin on my back and jump up without making as ass of myself...) hopefully next week i'll be able to put up some posts that will be part of my stage 2-3 reference (stage 1 didnt need reference one of the reasons it went overboard... part of stage 2 dont need too so maybe stage 2 can get out of control too but lets see :D )

well thats it for now again no videos this week :D

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