Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boy do i hate Modelling

Hey there,

In case you are wondering where I have been? Well I had nothing much to write about... Well after you finish reading this and wonder why I even bothered to write this post well then GOOD QUESTION!!! and I think I have a good answer... well this is just an update of what I am doing... and I am pretty much doing nothing (or so it seems to me) I have been modeling a Human (male) as an assignment. Well i am more or less decided the overall plot of my next project... Well if Vikram SIR (oops i mean not sir) approves it I'll continue with the project... will post the preproduction sketches soon... Well right now I am struggling with modeling a human body. God knows how much I am gonna struggle in 2nd or 3rd pass if I am struggling like hell in blocking pass itself...

well that's it for now...


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