Saturday, November 24, 2007

No more Modelling Please!!!

Hey there,

Argggggg! Modelling!!! *pant pant* man am i bored of looking at the ass of my model. Well it would have been fun if it was a LIVE Female model. But i am modeling a normal male. Even otherwise the damn butt is Flat as a road. Bad example... people who travel on Indian roads would say otherwise. So *scratch scratch* *Tap Tap Tap* Ya! As flat as a plasma screen TV!. Well by now must have guessed i am not very good in modeling. But what can i do! I still have to learn the basics. And i am starting (mind you STARTING) to get the hang of organic modeling.

Well on personal note. I am almost finished shifting into the new hostel building.

Well nothing much to say but to wait for tomorrows blasting i may get when Vikram's gonna see the work i have done for a week.


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