Monday, June 18, 2012

Progress reel (class 4 week 12) (and some other minor things :D )

hey there,

I am now on Leave of absence (LOA)
took it beacuse of the new job i got in Tata elxsi VCL.... does this mean I'll dissappear from the face of the virtual blogging world???? I hope not :)

I have some super secret project in mind (which came to me maybe end of class 2??? ) that I wanna work on... since its super secret the delima is do i put it up or not??? i really want to save it till the last moment... but then this is supposed to be a blog on my progress... (do u see the problem... :P ) so i think i'll come up with a compromise (funny right compromising with myself and all... ) I'll put up some parts of my planning and some of the video reference that i think wont make much sense on its own... (its a LOOOOOOOONNNNGGGG shot )

gonna start working on planning from next week (i know i know why not this week right???? simple i dont have my video camera and am also in crunch mode in work :D )

so my post for next week will be a little bit on the studio i work for and some of the awesome people i met in there :D (some of the people have already helped me quite alot and taught me some really neat stuff... more on that next week.... )

so chances are next week no video to upload... no sketchbook... just pure text :P

here is my progress reel for class 4
gonna miss nicole's AWESOME qna's though :'(
but am looking forward for this break i didnt know i needed :D

well thats it for now

(p.s the airtel seems to have fixed the stupid vimeo issue... so no more dropbox YAY!!! )

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