Monday, October 15, 2012

Multi Character dialogue Blocking (class 05 week 03)

hey there,

week 3 has been quite uneventful actually, the progress is really slow, and i would have liked to have added more details into the shot but being a bit unsure of the action causes me to hesitate a bit... right now what i have can be classified as rough blocking (story telling pose) hopefully i will be struck by an inspiration and the coming weeks can go a bit smoother then last one :)

here is my assignment video

this weeks assignment required me to take 2 beats from my shot and pose the characer's face accordingly (to understand the subtly ways to push the facial pose i suppose) here my my submission :)

apart from that on weekend i found a rig on batman in creative crash...

so i had fun trying to push the rig to see how much of a "BAT" feel i could get... it really is a nice decent rig... if i get time gonna try some animation test...

i do wish the cape had more controls (it has only 3 vertical controls and i wish it had 5-7 so i could cheat and make it such that the cape covered the front part too... )

well thats it for now...

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