Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Multi character dialogue Video reference and layout (class 05 week 02 )

hey there,
        Week 2 already man time is flying away... its that time of the term where i have to shoot video reference, not that i dont like shooting reference its just that i dont like seeing myself on camera seeing
the fat tummy jiggle *ugh* ... i know i know i need to loose weight... but thats the funny part... i realised something about myself i am an extremist... either its everything or nothing... when I was working I rarly felt the need to eat... now that i am at home, i pig out all the time...

right now back to my assignment... the reason i make theres posts...

here is the layout i created for the dialogue... its the 2nd choice the 1st one mentor didnt like and the 3rd one is black adder so its a bit too famous that most people recognized it as rowan atkinson... i didnt want to compete my pathetic acting skills with my idol :) (though i would have loved to make an homage to him... oh well :) )

and my video reference

and some of my planning

well thats it for now...


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